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Cabinet board

Chin Huei cabinet board affirms the outstanding quality in the market. The criteria of safety, utility in use, luxury, and elegance designs are always the top priority. Cabinets boards used to produce furniture for home and office such as wardrobes, TV cabinets, beds, shelves, filing cabinets, shoe cabinets, student desks, office desks, kitchen cabinets, sink cabinets … Diverse and rich colors suitable for all ages. In addition to the monochromatic colors and wood grain colors, Chin Huei also provides artwork printing boards. The artworks are clear, durable, non-peelable, making your home space more beautiful, more delicate and more convenient.

Table of specifications

Product name Dimension
Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
Cabinet board 200×15 200 15
Cabinet board 310×15 310 15
Cabinet board 400×15 400 15
Cabinet board 500×15 500 15
Cabinet board 600×15 600 15
Cabinet board 450×25 450 25
Cabinet board 480×25 480 25
Cabinet board 510×25 510 25
Cabinet board 600×25 600 25
Cabinet board 800×25 800 25

The outstanding features of Chin Huei products:

  • Non-toxic, lead-free, no heavy metals, no plasticizing chemicals tested and certified by Quatest and SGS
  • No peeling, no color fading in accordance with the tropical climate.
  • Anti-cockroach, no moisture, no deformation, waterproof
  • Guaranteed high quality and good after-sale support.
  • Various colors and flexible for color schemes
  • Insulating materials, not self-igniting, high safety
  • Easy to clean: almost popular cleaning agents can be used for cleaning and maintenance such as clean water, detergent, and other cleaning liquids.

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